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Preprint: A cocktail fallacy in research with composite variables: a critical review of job strain, effort–reward imbalance (ERI) and body mass index (BMI) 1 February 25, 2019
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Preregistration of qualitative research 1 March 1, 2019
Are interventions in reproductive medicine assessed for plausible and clinically relevant effects? A systematic review of power and precision in trials and meta-analyses 1 April 10, 2019
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Why I Asked the Editors of Criminology to Retract Johnson, Stewart, Pickett, and Gertz (2011) 1 July 8, 2019
How many participants do we have to include in properly powered experiments? A tutorial of power analysis with reference tables 1 July 22, 2019
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Oral selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors activate vagus nerve dependent gut-brain signalling 1 October 9, 2019
Accumulation Bias in Meta-Analysis: The Need to Consider Time in Error Control 1 June 28, 2019
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Gender Mainstreaming in Agrarian Communities 1 May 1, 2019
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