Samuel Gutestrand Mandarić

Warm welcome to IGDORE, Samuel Gutestrand Mandarić!

Samuel has master´s degrees in applied educational science and history of science. After working several years as a science teacher in the upper secondary school, he decided on building on his previous knowledge and experiences through taking on doctoral studies in history of science. Samuels interdisciplinary research is largely focused on the history of polar and marine sciences in Scandinavia.

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how is it going, @samuel. :slight_smile:

we definitely need a lot more science historian here at igdore… :slight_smile:


Welcome to IGDORE Samuel :slight_smile: :wave: We hope to see on the forum and hear more about your research.


Thank you very much for the generous offer to join IGDORE. I am happy to accept and look forward to be working with such a creative and vibrant institution.