Ethical review of studys without acces to an ethical committee


it’s my first topic in this forum so excuse if it’s in the wrong category.

My question is:
Does anybody know an option how to review a study, which I’m planning, if i don’t have acces to an ethical comittee at an university or something similar?

Best Regards Alexander Kessner

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Hi @Alexander_Kessner, welcome to the forum :wave:

Good question! Unfortunately there aren’t yet any well-established alternatives to IRBs.

Where are you based? If it’s the US then our friends at the Ronin Institute may be able to help, particularly if you are able to get by with an ethical review waiver.

This post from Helen Kara discusses ethical review for independent researchers and has a few other suggestions.


Thank You! Unfortenately I’m based in Europe (Germany) Great Link, exactly what i searched for. :slight_smile:

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In Sweden the review boards are government institutions. If your research can be said to have some connection to Sweden you might be able to use those.