Connected Papers | Find and explore academic papers

Nice tool! Hat tip Brian Nosek on Twitter.

"Connected Papers started as a weekend side project between friends. When we saw how much it improved our own research and development workflows - and got increasingly more requests from friends and colleagues to use it - we committed to release it to the public.

You know… for science.

Today Connected Papers is self-funded and totally free. We’ve been working with academic papers for years and always felt the need for a tool like this. Hopefully it brings others value and advances science and technology. Use it for good!"


This is great! I recall using Web Of Science to do this during my PhD, but it was so clunky I only used it for really key works. I found interesting connections on the first paper I entered into this!

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Awsome tool! It doesn’t seem ultra precise, but it looks very valuable when doing literature search and scouting. I have already started using it!

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Hey everyone, this seems indeed a great tool! Saw that on twitter as well and made some tests. Nothing fancy yet, but I’m liking it so far! Thanks @rebecca!

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well, not supporting mobile is a no go for me now. perhaps later when i’m on my laptop. :slight_smile:

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