Australian Interdisciplinary Meta-research & Open Science conference (December 3&4)

@jason.chin let me know about the AIMOS conference happening on December 3 & 4 (Presumably during GMT+11 Business hours). Registration is free this year and the conference will be primarily online.

We aim for AIMOS2020 to appeal to students and researchers from a range of disciplines with a shared interest in understanding and addressing challenges to replicability, reproducibility and open science. AIMOS2020 will cover a broad range of open science and scientific reform topics, including: pre-registration and Registered Reports; peer review and scientific publishing; using R for analysis; open source experimental programming; meta-research; replicability; improving statistical and scientific inference; diversity in scientific community and practice; and methodological and scientific culture change.

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good news… thanks for sharing… :slight_smile:

The conference program is now availible

Shout out to @cooper who is presenting 2 sessions on the Free Our Knowledge project. @jason.chin is the conference coordinator, so double shout out to him for making it happen :clap:

Have I overlooked any other IGDORE affiliates who are presenting? Is anybody else attending?

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I wish I could attend but the time difference with Sweden is far from ideal unfortunately.